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Are you Stupider Than Darth Vader?

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Geliştirici: qcMagic LLC

A Trivia based game on a villian in that famous movie that takes place in space that is very far away from where we are( hint it involves stars and wars.)

Sample Questions:

1. When building a Death Star, do you...

A. Make sure you include a small tunnel near the entrance that can be used to destroy it.

B. Plug the tunnel when the plans to your Death Star have been stolen.

C. Hope that the rebels are a lousy shot.

2. At the father/daughter picnic, do you...

A. Turn planet into a dust bowl where its being held because youre a lousy dancer and then you wont have to go.

B. Bring dark meat.

C. Pick up the tab, because youre the richest most powerful dad at the party.

3. Your daughter tells you in therapy that you have issues. You tell her...

A. Shes a spoiled rotten little princess.

B. At least you got to grow in a palace.

C. Youre going to replace her planet with empty space.