Are you Stupider Than Darth Vader? App Reviews

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It's so fancy you already know

Funny stuff but weird

This app is soooo funny like if you were Darth Vader buying Luke and Leia matching outfits for Christmas I mean you should get it and all but it is really kinda weird. It's not even a test really. It has nothing to do with Are you stuiped really than Mr D. Vader l. BUY IT IF YOU WANT TO ROLL ON THE FLOOR LAGHING YOUR BUTT OFF😂😂😂😂 IF YOU HATE LAGHING DONT GET IT😬 Why would you hate laghing!


I didn't open it yet but I won't have wasted money because I got it for free!!!😀😀😀😁

Waste, nothing to do with Star Wars

This app was so incredibly stupid I actually had to post this review. Has absolutely nothing to do with Darth Vader/Star Wars, and the questions AND answers are just plain dumb. Don't waste the buck on it.


Waste of cash dont buy!!!

Funny stuff

This was pretty good. Hilarious and tons of fun. I got it when it was free! Ha

Now it costs money?

Pointless, waste of money and memory

I wish I could give it no stars

I almost feel someone should pay me for waisting my time on this

Not bad!

If you like trivia (unlike me) you will like this app. Sometimes can be funny!! btw: I got it for free;)

Don't waste your money

This app IS pointless, a waste of memory and just plain stupid, not funny at all.

it's awesome!

it's free and makes me laugh . . .who can beat that!:>

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